I’m Starting A Blog Series

I have been away from my blog for long enough.  


In part this is because I have been searching for the angle I want to take and coming back frustrated.  Also, it kinda takes a back seat when I’m in classes.


No more excuses.


While in Lynchburg for some classes, I found a devotional that I have started working through.  I have mentioned Jesus Calling in an earlier post and I like it.  But this one is meeting me right where I am right at this moment, and I have decided that I want to share it with you.  


If you are familiar with the film and book called Julie & Julia, think along those lines.  If you haven’t, here’s some quick background.  Julie Powell decides that she is going to take a year to work through her Julia Child cookbook:  Mastering the Art of French Cooking.  While I would love to work through one of my cookbooks or my Pinterest boards, that can sometimes be easier said that done on a limited budget.  


But, this devotional (yes, I know, I still haven’t name it yet) “came to me” at a time when I was really searching for God’s face and asking Him to reveal Himself to me.  I feel like this book was an answer to that prayer.  With your indulgence (or even without it), I am going to take the next year to blog my way through this book, offering up my insights and what I feel God has shown me through it.  



So, this is the book.  It’s not much to look at.  Unassuming little thing that it is.  But what is inside it is pretty thought-provoking stuff.  If you want to get a copy and work through it with me, I would love to hear from you how God reveals Himself to you.  Otherwise, you are going to get to spend the year with me telling you how awesome God is being for me.  


I have already completed the first 4 days, so you will have plenty to chew on, here in just a few minutes.  I hope you enjoy the journey!


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