Day Twenty-one: Reflections for Week 3

Well, this one should have come before Day Twenty-two.  But I got them out of order.  OH WELL!

Yesterday made the end of the third week of working through this devotional.  Hard to believe.  It’s been nearly a month, and one thing that I’ve come to realize through this process, so far, is that motivation to begin will only take you so far.  After that, it takes discipline. 


Another thing:  I decided, at the beginning, to blog my way through this because I knew that I would need some accountability to get my way through this, otherwise it would be far too easy to stop.  I was right. 


#3 – I enjoy that I’ve received so many likes and follows so far.  But it is very easy for me to look at that and forget why I started doing this in the first place.  It’s nice that so many people are reading this, or looking at it, but my purpose in is (or ought to be) to glorify God and see His Name lifted High, not mine.  Affirmation is great.  It’s wonderful, in fact.  But I should not be reliant upon the number of emails in my inbox to let me know that this is something I need to do.


#4 – No…indeed, I need to do because I NEED this.  I need to make the time to get before God every day.  If I don’t, I forget to keep the main thing the main thing.  With all the stuff that I’ve got going on, it’s easy to “get busy” and forget to get with God.  Too many days of that in a row, and my problems begin to seem bigger than my God.  I’ve had enough of my problems looking bigger than my God.  I’ve had enough of feeling like they are going to swallow me whole or take me over. So, I am going to make this my priority.  I have to make it my priority.  That is the only way God is going to be magnified over the course of this walk of mine.


#5 – It’s taken me 30 years to figure out #4.  Fortunately, I’ve got it now.  I praise God that He held on to me (and with me) long enough for me to get it.


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