Day Thirty-Two: Pain, Disappointment, and Heartbreak

READ:  2 Samuel 1:24-27


(24-25) Women of Israel, weep for Saul.

              He dressed you in the finest cottons and silks,

              spared no expense in making you elegant.

     The mighty warriors–fallen, fallen

              in the middle of the fight!

              Jonathan–struck down on your hills!

(26) O my dear brother Jonathan,

              I’m crushed by your death.

        Your friendship was a miracle-wonder,

              love far exceeding anything I’ve known–

              or ever hope to know

(27) The mighty warriors–fallen, fallen.

              And the arms of war broken to bits.


THINK:  Sometimes pain and suffering are the central emotions of our hearts.  We cannot avoid pain and suffering, but we can control how we respond to them.  David’s reaction is to be honest and open about the pain rather than avoid it or pretend it wasn’t there.

               What is your response to the heartbreak?  Do you think David’s response is healthy?  Why or why not?  What thoughts and feelings go through you as David’s honors the evil king in death?


My response to heartbreak is to question my worth.  I wonder if God just didn’t love me enough to answer my prayer the way I wanted is answered.  Did I do enough?  Was I good enough?  Did I behave well enough?  Those are the thoughts that run through my head.  I’ve been advised by several people:  “Tell God what ‘s wrong.  He already knows anyway.  He’s big enough to take it.”  That’s wonderful advice, but if it doesn’t change the situation, sometimes it feels more like God’s not really paying attention. 


PRAY:  Think of the pain and heartbreak you have experienced in your lifetime.  Maybe that pain is a current reality.  Though doing so may be difficult, spend time expressing your pain in a lament to God.  See him alternatively listening to you and reaching out to comfort you.  What does it feel like to be comforted?


Sadly, I do have some current pain.  In the sense of:  I do not really want to be in the middle of the situation I am in.  It is uncomfortable for me and I don’t want to mess with this anymore.   But God has heard my prayers of lament and He has shown up and blessed me, just right when I needed it most. 


LIVE:  Live knowing that God is loving enough to listen to you and big enough to care for you in your pain.

Dear Heavenly Father, I pray for anybody reading this right now, who feels like they might never be good enough, or like they might not ever be able to obey enough or do enough for you to love them.  I pray that you would send people to them that would show them that while those things are true, they are not the end of the story.  The story continues with the coming of Jesus, and his death, burial and resurrection, so that we might be able to have a way to come back to you.  Because, the truth is, we can’t ever be good enough.  If even one person could be good enough, or behave enough, to get to Heaven, then everyone would have the ability to do so, and we wouldn’t have needed Jesus.  But we do need Jesus.  And we aren’t good enough.  But the best part about that is:  We don’t have to wonder about what it takes to get to Heaven because it isn’t based on our own merit.  Help whoever may be reading this and wondering about their position with you to really see these words and let them sink in.  Help them to experience the freedom that this kind of life can bring, even when it is hard.  And then, grant them the courage to take that next step of faith, and trust You, to take you at your word and do whatever it is you are asking them to do.  

I ask these things in the name of Your Son, Jesus Christ,



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