Day Thirty-Nine: A Dream Fulfilled

READ:  1 Kings 5:1-5


(1-4) Hiram king of Tyre sent ambassadors to Solomon when he heard that he had been crowned king in David’s place.  Hiram had loved David his whole life.  Solomon responded, saying, “You know that David my father was not able to build a temple in honor of God because of the wars he had to fight on all sides, until God finally put them down.  But now God has provided peace all around–no one against us, nothing at odds with us.

(5) “Now here is what I want to do:  Build a temple in honor of God, my God, following the promise that God gave to David my father, namely ‘Your son whom I will provide to succeed you as king, he will build a house in my honor.'”


THINK:  Read the passage aloud slowly again, especially verses 3-5.

  1. Listen for the words or phrases that stand out to you–perhaps one of these
    1. “build a temple in honor of God”
    2. “wars he had to fight on all sides, until God finally put them down”
    3. “God has provided peace all around–no one against us, nothing at odds with us”
    4. “here is what I want to do…in honor of God, my God, following the promise that God gave”


These phrases indicate that David lived an interactive life with God and that Solomon is attempting to do the same.  They also refer to David and Solomon’s dream coming true.  David had wisely let go of his dream of building the temple, while Solomon was now taking the next step by implementing the dream.

  1. What dreams have you had?
  2. What dreams have you let go of or picked up?


I’ve had several dreams over the years.  For instance, in high school, I wanted to be a test pilot.  Then, I realized that it would be impossible because I had poor eyesight.  That was fine.  I gave that dream up.  Another dream that I had – when I was in 4th grade or so – was that, one day, I would marry someone who had a dark complexion, dark hair, and dark eyes.  That dream came true.  I’ve been married to that man for going-on-21-years.  Some dreams have come true; others have fallen by the wayside.  But, I am of the opinion that there is a difference between having a dream and just dreaming.  But, I also believe that either one can take the place of God in a person’s life and, if that happens, then God has this uncanny way of making sure you know that if it’s a dream from Him, it will happen in His timing, and if it isn’t, it won’t happen.  Of the dreams I’ve had (and still have) I don’t know if I can tell you which ones are from God and which ones are not.  I figure, if it’s from God, then it’ll happen because nothing can subvert the will of God.  If it isn’t, it won’t happen. 


Perhaps this is why the verse of the 4 passages above that speaks to me is the last one.  I can honestly say that my goals have not all been so honorable as to only desire to honor God.  Some of my dreams have only been about bringing honor to myself.  But, at this time in my life, I’m learning that if it isn’t about God first, it isn’t going to work out.  He won’t allow it.  As for following any specific promise, I’ve only felt like I’ve ever been given one promise (the promise of our third child), and that one has been fulfilled.  Other than that, I know we are promised Heaven and that God will never leave us nor forsake us.  These days, that’s just about all I feel like I can hold on to without running the risk of latching onto a false hope and having it dashed on the rocks by a wave of disappointment.  And…I’m learning to be okay with that. 


Don’t get me wrong.  I still pray and ask for what I want, but after being told “no” and “wait” so many times this past 3 years, I’m learning to trust that I’m going to get what God wants me to have when He wants me to have it or whenever He has adequately prepared me for it, and it for me.  He has to do it that way because, otherwise, I’d be running headlong after the gift instead of the Giver.


PRAY:  Talk to God about the phrases in the passage that hint at dreams you have.  Ask God to give you wisdom about whether you need to let go of these dreams or pick them up.  Ask God for vision and power to take your next step.


Abba Father, you have made each of us with our own special set of appetites and dreams and desires and wishes.  Only you can deliver unto each of us those things you desire us to have or those things that we need to help us grow into the people you want us to be in order to fulfill the purpose for which you designed us. Though it will be painful, strip away those things that do not conform to Your Will and Your Purpose for our lives.  Help us to see that there is nothing wrong with mourning the loss of a dream because You created us to be emotional beings.  But, help us, also, to see that we are led by faith and not by feelings, so we do not have to be tossed about on waves of indecision and fickle emotions and appetites, and we can bring our wills into submission to Yours despite how we feel.  Grant us an extra measure of grace to accept on faith those things we cannot yet understand and are not yet ready to see.  Remember that we are just dust and we are going to fall, and please be patient with us as we are all fallible, but we are trying. 


For the person out there tonight who feels like you have turned their back, I pray for peace.  Lord, you did not lead the Israelites out of Egypt and into the desert to die, but you did it to prove to them that YOU were all they needed.  Help them to see that it is because You love your people that you lead them into places where they have to rely on You and You Alone, otherwise we never learn that You are all we need.


For people who feel like you are always saying WAIT and that their dreams are always being put on hold, I pray that you would strengthen their spirits.  They that wait on the Lord will renew their strength and they will mount up with wings as eagles because Your Word says so and Your Word does not return to You void.  That means, if you said it, it has as much as happened.  But you exist outside of time and space and sometimes it is hard to be so eternally minded when we live in such a microwave world.  Lord, we believe, only help our unbelief.


Thank you, Lord, for your LONG-SUFFERING.  You are forever having to be patient with us, and yet, you desire that none should perish but that all should come to you.  Thank you for not giving up on us when we are ready to throw in the towel on ourselves.  Thank you that we do not have to live in the past and thank you that tomorrow does not have to be like today because your mercies are new every morning and you will give us THIS DAY our daily bread.


In Jesus’ Name, I pray…….Amen.


LIVE:  Relish the peace that God gives, knowing that dreams don’t have to be realized today.  Maybe ponder and pursue your next step.  Put on the idea of readiness and see if it fits.


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