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The method of study that I have chosen for this year’s study is called S.O.A.P. notes.  The acronym stands for:  Scripture, Observation, Application, and Prayer.  For much the same reason behind my needing to do this EVERY day for the discipline, I also need a system, otherwise, I may just end up reading a passage (whatever passage) and not doing much else with it.  My hope is to use this method as a way to “work hard so that I can present myself to God and receive his approval, to be a good worker who does not need to be ashamed and who correctly explains the word of truth” (2 Timothy 2:15) and, likewise, to “train myself to be godly” because “godliness is much better (that physical training) promising benefits in this life and the life to come” (1Timothy 4:7-8).

Before I begin sharing my S.O.A.P. notes, I want to let you know what books I’m using for the passages I’m using this year.

The main book is:  God’s Words of Life from the NIV Women’s Devotional Bible.  I take a verse a day from each chosen section.  If there are not enough verses to fill out the month, I draw from God’s Promises for Your Every Need.  If there was not a corresponding section, or if I did not have enough verses that weren’t duplicated, I pulled from the Topical section of openbible.info and bible.knowing-jesus.com.  Finally, the bible translation I am using – almost exclusively – is the New Living Translation because it’s the one I most enjoy reading.

Though we are not Catholic, my family typically does something in recognition of Lent, which begins – very conveniently for me and this study – on March 1st.  The subject, at least, in part, is going to be fasting.  So, as of now, March is the only month for which I do not already have a schedule.


Much love in Christ,  Patty



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