February 5, 2017 


5 thoughts on “February 5, 2017 

  1. I wanted to leave a little comment on your method. I absolutely love the simplicity of it! Like wow! I think I might start doing this. It is easy to overthink how we spend our quiet times, ya know? Personally, I sometimes feel like I gotta do this, this, this. Pray, check. Worship, check. Read, check….and never really let the words hit my heart and let my soul get glad in the Lord. Or even stop to OBSERVE what the text is saying and make practical application. Beautiful! Inspiring! And love your handwriting!!

    • Good morning Ashley. Thank you so much for your kind words. I know exactly what you mean. FOR SO LONG I used to feel the same way as you, that I needed to make a big production of things just so that I was doing it properly, or so God would approve. BUT, usually what ended up happening is: I would get frustrated, lose motivation, and quit. Or else, I was just going through the motions and, like you, what I was studying, never really sank in. And to be honest, still, sometimes, Satan nags at me, telling me that this can’t be enough, that it’s too juvenile or simple. But what God has been showing me, and he has even used comments like yours, is that, REALLY, the word of God is simple. Getting before God is simple. He doesn’t need my production. That’s about me. He just wants me and my time and my attention. The only reason I started posting these is because I needed accountability. Getting up & doing my study is too easy to drop, unless I have accountability. But posting it every day, gives me an actual visual record of what I’ve done that I can look back on, when I’m on social media, and see that I’ve done the work. Also, if I lose my notebook, or it gets ruined, my work is not gone forever. But that’s all separate from the goal: getting to know God better.

      Oh, and, thanks for the compliment on my handwriting. I’ve spent some time wondering if I should be using cursive because I didn’t know if it was easy for people to read. But then, God reminded me that this is supposed to be FOR HIM.

      Have a very blessed day, and thanks for dropping by.

      BTW, I saw your other comment, but I will respond to those, on those comments, so you know which ones I am answering and where.

      • That’s really awesome! So happy the Lord has been using this in your life and the lives of others. 🙂

    • Hello again, Ashley.

      I made my own plan using a couple of books I had. The heading at the top of the pages is the title of the books I am using. What I did what go through each book, picking out sections that really spoke to the issues I wanted to try to work on in my walk with the Lord, and I pulled out a passage a day. I basically have 2 books that I am using: God’s Words of Life (based on passages from the Women’s NIV Study Bible), and God’s Promises for Your Every Need. They are little scripture gift books that have different topics, and pages of scripture verses that address those topics.

      I never thought about it before, but today, I will take pictures of those books and post them, so that if you want to try to find them, you can look them up on Amazon. I know the second book I mentioned is still available, because I just got a copy for my oldest son. The first one, I’m not sure about, because I bought it several years ago.

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