The Counselor

One foot in the dark, one foot in the light. Lord, keep me tightly moored to you so I don’t get lost in the night.

Drowning & desperate, grasping for hope. Lord, you hold me and I’ll hold the rope.

Death comes for all but beckons some. Life is so hard & hope never comes.

Bound in sin and weakness, they never catch a break. It’s scary just to try to think how much a body can take.

Trouble’s pile up, day after day. Days grow shorter, the nights longer. You’re actually getting weaker though you think you’re getting stronger.

One day, someone comes up beside you, sets down, and says, “Let’s talk.” Though you don’t want to, you can’t help yourself even though you’re certain they’ll walk.

But the more you talk, the more they listen; so you dare a little more. Eventually you find yourself thinking, “Where were you before?”

Before when I needed a shoulder. Before when I needed to cry. Before when nobody would hear me. Before when I wanted to die.

You find yourself opening up to this person, even though you know they’re gonna leave. But with every word you utter, every sentence you speak, they sit there & they stay & receive.

Receive all the ugly you throw at them, all the hate, all the truth, all the lies. All the wrong, all the hurt, all the pain, and all the broken-hearted goodbyes.

And yet…there they sit. There they sit and there they stay. And they stay. And they stay.

Then you start to get uneasy. And maybe you start to squirm. What is it about this person that makes them sit so firm?

After every grenade, you threw at them. After every bomb and blast. is there anything you can you say that will make this person leave at last?

Fine, you think, I’ll stop talking. There’s nothing you can make me say. But the person is fine to sit in your silence, letting you have your way.

They see your wall, and you know it. They see your door and your lock. But instead of turning and going away, they blow your mind and they knock.

What else can you do but open the door? After all, no one’s ever just asked to be let in before. And before you know it, they’re in, and you’re both sitting on your floor. And you find yourself telling them things you’ve never said to anyone before.

And you know that it’s safe to tell them. You know that they aren’t gonna run because you gave them every opportunity, and they didn’t take a one.


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