September 23, 2017


December 2016 lessons about The Presence of God

God will never leave me,  forsake me,  fail me, or abandon me.  God will never destroy me.  He will rescue me when I’m in trouble because He is my refuge and His everlasting arms are always under me, holding me up.  Just because troubles have hit my life, this does not means that God does not love me.  He cares about me.  He will never abandon me as an orphan if I search for Him.  He will remember the covenant of blessing He has made with me; He will never forget me.  God Himself goes before, driving my enemies out before me, strengthening me and upholding me with His victorious right hand. God is always ready to help me in times of trouble, because He is merciful.  He cares about the anguish of my soul.  God heals my broken heart and bandages my wounds.   He holds me close (even if my father and mother abandon me), for He is Emmanuel, God with us, and He is with me always.

God leads me, guides me and is close beside me; He is EVERYWHERE I could possibly go.  He is with me just as He was with Moses.  He has seen me and has written my name on the plans of His hands.  He honors me and rewards me with long life and salvation, for He watches over those who do right.  He hears my cry for help when I call to Him; He is my protective shade. 

God will be found by me if I search for him with my whole heart.  He will draw close to me if I draw close to Him, gracing me with His Presence; answering me when I call.

God was pleased to make me His Own and has chosen me to produce lasting fruit so that He may give me whatever I ask for, for Christ’s sake.